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Rugged Menz is a Sister Concern of Sward Tex.

Our Story

Rugged Menz is a clothing brand. Mostly focus high quality and unique design T-Shirt, Polo T-Shirt, Design & Formal Shirt, Panjabi, Sweater for Young & Fashionable products.

We started our journey in 2020 and now we have 01 stores in Bangladesh and a 24/7 online store.

Our mission is to establish this brand under Sward Tex Ltd. as the leading and largest fashion brands in Bangladesh and to reach its presence to every nook and corner of the country.

What We Do

“Imagine Your New Look” This is your slogan. Our mission is to establish this brand and reach its presence to every corner of the country.

As the fashion retailer for serving the younger niche of the market, Rugged Menz is committed to provide unmatched quality that is blended with superior sense of contemporary aesthetics. Rugged Menz can proudly claim that the products it makes can be compared to any leading global fashion brands in terms of design and quality.

“Thought Catalog makes me feel like someone else out there gets me.”

– Clare A.

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